About us: Studienkolleg Paderborn - the Foundation College in Germany

The International Foundation College at Paderborn University offers specific preparation courses for international students who are interested in studying mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, industrial engineering, mathematics, computer sciences, physics, chemistry, business studies, economics etc. The foundation college helps high school graduates (secondary school graduates) whose school diploma does not directly entitle to enter a bachelor study program at a German institution of higher education. It offers the necessary courses which, after successful passing of the final assessment exam (Feststellungsprüfung/FSP), give access to these technical and scientific higher education programs at all German universities and universities of applied sciences.

After you successfully complete the final exam (FSP), you can begin your studies in one of the bachelor’s programs with unrestricted admissions in the MINT sciences (mathematics, computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology, physics, as well as chemistry) at the University of Paderborn or at another university or a university of applied sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia. For restricted study courses you need a specific admission.

By enrolling in the foundation college students receive full student status, i.e., a student ID card, identical to that of BSc/MSc-students at the University of Paderborn, which offers benefits such as discounted meals in the canteen, library access and free of charge public local transportation (buses, trams, local trains) at Paderborn, and throughout the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Study in Germany

The International Foundation College at Paderborn University is the best way to your German university! Let´s have a closer look at living and learning in Paderborn / Germany with our short video...


The International Foundation College has facilities at three locations in Paderborn:

  • Vogeliusweg, Paderborn (near Paderborn University)
  • Schloß Neuhaus, Paderborn
  • Technologiepark, Paderborn


Our cooperation enables us to guarantee a place of study at Paderborn University for our graduates in the MINT bachelor programs (e.g. mathematics, computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, physics,...) or in business / social science bachelor programs (with unrestricted admission).

The University of Paderborn is a campus university with 40 years of history and over 20.000 students (winter semester 2016/2017) and it belongs, therefore, to the medium-sized universities in Germany. It has a staff of over 2.000 professors and scientific assistants and over 700 nonscientific co-workers.

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