Studienkolleg with German level A2 / Studienkolleg ab A2

Join the "Studienkolleg ab A2" with basic German language skills of A2 or higher (without any entry and admission test!)

You would like to study in Germany but you don't have German language skills of level B1 or even B2 (required by most Studienkollegs)? No problem! Our programme Studienkolleg ab A2, offers students and applicants with basic language skills of A2 (or higher) the unique chance to join our T and W courses.

The Studienkolleg ab A2 begins with intensive German language courses in which students first acquire the required German language skills for the integrated following W or T course.

  • Intensive German language courses in Paderborn (part of our Studienkolleg!)
  • Language preparation courses with focus on the T and W courses
  • Integrated T or W course
  • Ogranised as integrated and combined unit
  • Preparation for the FSP - Feststellungsprüfung
  • Recognised by most universities in Germany
  • No entry or admission test and no assessment test!



When does the Studienkolleg ab A2 start?

The Studienkolleg ab A2 starts either in summer or in winter semester. This offers applicants a high flexibility in choosing the starting time (e.g. in cases where the visa has not yet been issued). In just three semesters students can then - both - acquire the required German language skills of C1 and complete one of the T or W courses at the Studienkolleg Paderborn. Be ready to study in Germany!



What are the entry and admission requirements?

To apply for our programme Studienkolleg ab A2, you need a school report or leaving certificate of completion of upper secondary school, high school or "Oberstufe" in your home country (comparable to the German Abitur) and a language certificate with German language level A2. See also application criteria



Course fee for attending the Studienkolleg ab A2 (with T or W course)?

The course fee is € 8,500 in total. This includes both the language preparation as well as the following attendance of either a T- or W-course.



Our Courses

We offer T-Courses (technical), W-Courses (business), German and Pre Courses.

The T course (technical: electrical engineering, computer sciences, physics,...) at the foundation college


For technical, mathematical studies and studies in natural sciences

The W course (business: business administration, economics, management,...) at the foundation college


for studies of business, economics or social sciences

„The Studienkolleg ab A2 is suited to international students who still struggle with German. To be able to profit from our T and W courses students should have advanced German language skills of B1 or higher. The Studienkolleg ab A2 is the ideal complement for language schools in your home country!“
Katharina Richter, Student Advisory Board
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