International School OWL

German Baccalaureate / IB programme / high school graduation

Location: Paderborn, Germany
Art: International School & Boarding School
Classes: 10,11,12 (age: 15-18 years)
Boarding School services: accomodation, meals and educational supervision
Graduation: German Baccalaureate / International A-Level
Graduates can apply immediately at universities worldwide as well as in Germany!

The International School OWL is a newly founded, full-day boarding school, based in Paderborn, in the centre of Germany. It is a cooperation with the International Foundation College at Paderborn University. We offer a high school diploma, the German Baccalaureate. Our classes start after junior high school and will last 6 semesters in total. After graduation, our students can apply for German universities or universities worldwide. During the first-year course students attend English and German language courses. Additionally, there will be a mathematics unit. The second and third year courses are designed to obtain the International Advanced Level qualification. Students have the choice between a technical-scientific course and a business course.

Our school offers an excellent international education through full-day schooling in a multilingual environment, as well as an international, college-preparatory curriculum,  containing both English and German courses. Integrated in our curriculum, is the Edexcel International Advanced Level, a qualification created by leading edicational supplier Pearson.

At our boarding school we offer a modern living space for our international students. Our minor aged students will receive an extensive educational supervision by our pedagogues, so that they will be supported at all times - even on the weekends.

Advantages of the International School OWL

• German Baccalaureate is recognised by universities worldwide (and Germany)

• German courses start from the very beginning (level A1)

• All other subjects will be held in English

• Because of the extra German courses studying in Germany is possible without a foundation year

• Excellent English and German language courses

• Choose between a scientific or business related focus

• Designed to Pearson's world-class qualification principles and benchmarked against other leading international curriculums

•  Intensive support by our state-certified pedagogues at all times

Entry requirements

The entry requirements for German Baccalaureate are straight forward and easy to meet. A certain English language level is required since all the courses are being taught in English, except the German language course.

• English level IELTS 4.5 or higher

• Junior high school graduation (grade 9)

The tuition fees become due in front of each of the three school years. We differentiate between students whose home country is part of the EU and students whose home country is not part of the EU.

Day-students (home country part of EU):
Tuition fees: 12.000 Euro per school year

International students (home country not part of the EU):
All round price: 36.000 Euro per school year
(includes tuition fees, coaching, boarding school (accommodation, meals) and supervision)

Application & further information

Do you have any questions or want to apply? Feel free to contact us…

International School OWL
Vogeliusweg 27a
33100 Paderborn

You will find further information and an application form at the website of the International School OWL!

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