We want to help to stop the expansion of the coronavirus! Therefore we have closed our college until April 19th 2020. At the moment our students can stay savely at home and will get classes by our techers via an e-learning software with video-stream.

Estimated dates: The FSP will take place as planned. The new summer semester will start on April 20th. The ZLP Deutsch test was rescheduled to April 24th 2020.

You can apply for the upcoming winter semester as usual!


  • Don´t meet other people if it is not urgent / necessary!
  • Avoid public sites and places with many people!
  • Please shop food only once a week!
  • Food supply is guaranteed at any time in Germany! Don´t prep!
  • Wash your hands regulary and use soap! (at least 30 seconds)!
  • Don´t touch your face!
  • Keep a minimum distance of 2 metres to other people!