STKPB Language Courses

Language Courses For International Students

Do you want to study in Germany but do not have the required German language level?

Our Studienkolleg offers a wide range of study-preparation courses to international students which prepare them ideally for university. In our language courses, students acquire extensive language skills which are mandatory for attending a Studienkolleg in Germany.


  • Building a broad vocabulary
  • Improving your current language level
  • Establishing the usage of the Studienkolleg vocabulary
  • Intensive courses (≈ 24 hours per week)
  • Taught by experienced teachers with subject-specific qualification



Basic German language skills (German level A2 or comparable)


Basic course with A2.2 repetition + intensive B1 course: August 02 - November 11, 2022
Intensive B1 course: 05 September 05 - November 11, 2022


Course fee (price):
Basic course with A2.2 repetition + intensive B1 course: 2.500 €
Intensive B1 course: 1.500 €





Improve your Knowledge

International students who would like to study for example Economics, International Business Studies, Management, Information Technologies, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science or Natural Science in Germany are often required to first pass the so-called "Feststellungsprüfung" - FSP. A German language level of C1 or higher is the most common entry requirement of German universities.

In our language preparation courses, students first acquire basic German skills for the Studienkolleg. Our T and W courses provide international students with the required knowledge for their desired career path at university.

Our Courses

We offer T-Courses (technical), W-Courses (business), German and Pre Courses.

The T course (technical: electrical engineering, computer sciences, physics,...) at the foundation college


For technical, mathematical studies and studies in natural sciences

The W course (business: business administration, economics, management,...) at the foundation college


for studies of business, economics or social sciences

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