Feststellungsprüfung / FSP: High success rate

The so called Feststellungsprüfung is the final exam after our preparatory courses. Over 100 students participated at the test in December and there was a high success rate!

The certified subjects for students of our T-course were german, mathematics, physics and chemistry. Students who chose the W-course had to prepare for german, mathematics, economics and English. More than 100 students of our foundation college took place at the Feststellungsprüfung (shortname FSP)

The results were excellent. Over 80% of our W-course passed the FSP. The best students got awarded by our institute managers and Prof. Dr. Fels of Paderborn University. Two students had a grade point average of 1.0, which is the best you can achieve in Germany.

The FSP at our foundation college is internal. That is a big plus in comparison to other colleges, because this way our students get prepared in the best way possible. Our teachers of the preparatory courses have to send their examination questions to the district council of Cologne. For security reasons all tests get locked in a safe before the Feststellungsprüfung / FSP. This procedure guarantees that the graduation offered is accepted at any German university.

This way all of our graduates of our internal Feststellungsprüfung / FSP can apply for a bachelors programme at any German university or university of applied sciences. We wish you all the best for your future career!