Application Criteria for our T Course / W Course

To be accepted by the International Foundation College, applicants must meet certain criteria:

German Language Skills

Students applying for a preparatory course must already have sufficient knowledge of German language. Therefore, students are required to provide a German language certificate at examination level Elementary II / III (representing 400-600 study hours) or a B1 Certificate in accordance with the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” or by successfully completing the preparation course (Vorkurs) at the International Foundation College at the University of Paderborn. Long story short: German level B1 is needed for our T- or W-Course and level A2 is needed for our Precourse. The Precourse brings you to the level of B1, so you are able to begin our T- or W-Course afterwards.

Student Visa

•    Students need to apply for a student visa at the Embassy or Consulate of Germany in their country of residence before entering Germany. Please note that travelling to Germany on a tourist visa does not allow changing of this visa into a student visa after arrival in Germany.
•    Applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia will have to do a simplified APS-special procedure for the selection test.

Proof of Adequate Financing

Students need to provide proof of sufficient funds when applying for admission at the foundation college. The courses cost approximately 7000 EUR.

Although the German Department of Immigration permits students to take a part-time job, attending the courses at the International Foundation College will not allow enough time to work a part-time job and earnings from such part-time employment will not be sufficient to cover tuition and living expenses.

Status of College Students

College students are enrolled as students of the University of Paderborn. However, the college courses will not be credited as semesters in the bachelor study program to follow.

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